Chandragupta Maurya Family Tree| Maurya Dynasty Family Tree Chart

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Chandragupta was the founder of the Maurya Empire with the help of his mentor and counsellor Kautilya. He founded the great Maurya empire and reign the empire from 321 BCE to 297 BCE. He expand his empire to its extent under the guidance of Kautilya. His rule was full of peace and prosperity. In the last years of his life, he turned as a Jain monk and got died in South India. After his death, his son Bindusara lead the empire and ruled from 297 BCE to 272/268 BCE. In this article, we will discuss Chandragupta Maurya family tree, Maurya empire family tree with diagram to make it simple for our readers.

Maurya Empire Family Tree – Pictorial Representation

As discussed earlier, fabulous journey of Mauryan empire started from Chandragupta Maurya who laid the foundation of this great empire in 321 BCE with the help of great Brahmin, Chanakya or Kautilya. He conquered Magadha and also defeated Nanda Kings and established great Mauryan empire. Chandragupta got married to Durdhara and blessed with the son Bindusara who became the king of the Mauryan empire after the death of his father. Chandragupta Maurya also got married to Helena, daughter of Seleucus Nicator. Mauryan empire lasts from 321 BCE to 180 BCE. King Ashoka was the last powerful and great leader of this dynasty. Family tree of Chandragupta Maurya generation wise is  given below.

Chandragupta Maurya Family Tree Pic

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Bindusara Family Tree:

Bindusara was the 2nd Mauryan emperor who ruled the state after his father death. He got married to a Brahmin girl, Subhadrangi and they got two sons from this marriage namely Ashoka & Vigatashoka. He also got married to Charumitra. His son Ashoka became the next emperor of the Mauryan empire and ruled the empire for many years.

Ashoka Family Tree:

Ashoka, also known as Great Ashoka, became the 3rd emperor of the Maurya empire after killing after some of his brothers. He was the son of Bindusara and grandson of founder of Mauryan Empire, Chandragupta. He was born in 304 BCE. He ruled the empire from 268 BCE to 232 BCE. Mauryan empire was expanded from Bangladesh to Kabul of present  or we can say that Mauryan ruled almost complete Indian subcontinent. He faught the war of Kalinga and after watching the destruction caused due to this war,he turned in Budhist. From various sources, it is known that he got married with five queens including Devi, Asandhimitra, Padmavati, Kaurvaki and Tishyarakshita. Ashoka, from his marriage with Padmavati got Kunala as his son who became the next emperor of the Mauryan  empire. After the death of King Ashoka, Mauryan empire can not get a great emperor and getting deteriorated day by day.

Other Kings of Mauryan Empire:

After the death of King Ashoka, Dasharatha became the next king of the emperor followed by Samprati and Shalisuka. The great Mauryan empire remained in existence till 180 BCE.

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