Peshwa Family Tree Bajirao Peshwa Family Tree Chart

This article contains information regarding about Peshwa family tree, Bajirao Peshwa family tree, Madhavrao Peshwa family tree in  detail…

इस आर्टिकल के माध्यम से हम आज आपको पेशवा वंशावली के बारे में विस्तार से चर्चा करेंगे | आज आप बाजीराव पेशवा व अन्य पेशवा राजाओ के बारे में विस्तार से जान पाओगे | आज आप ले लेख के माध्यम से पेशवा परिवार वृक्ष के बरे मेरे विस्सार से जानकरी हसील करेंगे |

Peshwa, a post created by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to make better control over administration of Maratha Empire. Peshwa is supreme in all the Astha Pradhan in Maratha Empire being the most important person after Chattrapati. First Peshwa was Moropant Pingale who was appointed as Peshwa by Chattrapati Shivaji in 1674. In the initial phase, Peshwa was elected by Chattrapati on the basis of skills & abilities of that particular person.

Later on, Peshwa was elected on hereditary basis from Bhat family. Balaji Vishwanath was the first Peshwa who was elected from Bhat family by Chattrapati Shahu. Bajirao Peshwa II was the last powerful Peshwa before facing defeat from British rule in third Anglo-Maratha war in 1818. The Bhat family members ruled over 100 years in Maratha Empire being the most powerful in 18th century.

Here in this article, we will provide detailed knowledge about Peshwa family tree, Bajirao Peshwa family tree, family tree chart of Peshwa family such that all our readers can easily understand about Peshwa system in Maratha empire.

Peshwa Family Tree –Representation with Photos & Images:

  1. Balaji Vishwanath Family Tree:

  • As mentioned earlier, Moropant Pingale was the first Peshwa appointed by Chattrapati Shivaji but here in this section, we will discuss about Peshwa successors from Bhat family which begins with Balaji Vishwanath. Balaji Vishwanath appointed from the Bhat family by Chattrapati Shahu, grandson of Chattrapti Shivaji in 1713.
  • He is also known as Second founder of Maratha Empire. He assisted Chattrapati Shahu in various battles and help to expand Maratha empire in north. He was the sixth appointed Peshwa and remained Peshwa till 1720.
  • He got married with Radhabai Barve and blessed with two sons namely Baji Rao I & Chimaji Appa and two daughters namely Bhiubai & Anubai. He got died in 1720 because of prolonged illness.

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  1. Baji Rao I Family Tree:

  • After death of Balaji Vishwanath, Chattrapati Shahu appointed his elder son Baji Rao I, also known as Baji Rao Ballal as 7th Peshwa of Maratha empire in 1720.
  • He was considered as the best Peshwa because he never lost any battle in twenty years of his regime as Peshwa. He assisted Chattrapati to expand Maratha empire to its extent by winning battles against kings of Malwa, Rajputana and other Deccan kings. As per the sources, he fought 41 battles and got defeated in none.
  • In his personal life, Baji Rao I got married with Kashibai, daughter of a rich banker and blessed with three sons including Balaji Bajirao & Raghunath Rao. He also got married with mistress Mastani and they got Samsher Bahadur as their son. He died in 1940 due to fever.
  1. Balaji Baji Rao (Nana Saheb) Family Tree:
  • After death of Baji Rao I, Chattrapati Shahu appointed elder son of Baji Rao I, Balaji Baji Rao as 8th Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 1940.
  • He was also known as Nana Saheb. He got married with Gopikabai and got three sons from this marriage including Madhavrao & Narayanrao.
  • Unlike Baji Rao I, he was not a great worrier. He died in 1761 during the third battle of Panipat between Marathas and Afgans.
  1. Madhavrao I Family Tree:
  • After the death of Nana Saheb and his son Vishwasrao in third battle of Panipat, Nana Saheb’s son Madhavrao I became the 9th Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 1761.
  • He is considered as one of the greatest Peshwas Maratha Empire ever have because he saved his empire from the loss caused due to defeat in third battle of Panipat. He got married with Ramabai. He died in 1772 due to tuberclosis.
  1. Narayan Rao Family Tree:

After the death of Madhavrao, Narayan Rao became the 10th Peshwa of Maratha empire in 1772. He got married with Gangabai and after the death of Narayan Rao, she gave birth to a child, Sawai Madhavrao who later became Peshwa of Maratha Empire. Narayan Rao got assassinated by his aunt, wife of Raghunath Rao in 1773.

Peshwa family tree pic 1

Raghunath Rao & other Important Peshwas of Maratha Empire:

  • After the assassination of Narayan Rao, Raghunath Rao became 11th Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 1773 but dismissed from the post in 1774.
  • After Raghunath Rao, Madhavrao II became 11th Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 1776 when he was an infant. He got died in 1796.
  • After the death of Madhavrao II, son of Raghunath Rao Bajirao II became the 12th Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 1796. He ruled the empire from 1796 to 1802 and from 1803 to 1818.
  • After the death of Bajirao II, his adopted son Nana Saheb II became next Maratha Peshwa from 1851 to 1857 and participated aggressively in revolt of 1857 against British Rule.

We hope all this information about Peshwa family tree will be beneficial as well as knowledgeworthy for all our readers.

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  1. Wrong history. Nana saheb did not go to Panipat he sent his cousin, son of chimaji appa, Sadashivrao urf bhau saheb with son Vishwasrao. Due to loss in Panipat Naasaheb died of the shock. His son Madhav rao then stabilised maratha empire again.
    One interesting thing Raghunatrao son of Bajirao-I had driven the same Abdali out of india till a place called Atak now in porkystan. But Abdali came back again.This time Raghunathrao was not given the charge but Sadashivrao got the charge of maratha military. Rajputs and Sikhs did not co-operate for whatever reason and Abdali won.


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