Chola Dynasty Family Tree: Rajendra Chola, Rajaraja I & Other Rulers

This article is all about Chola Dynasty family tree, Chola dynasty Rajendra Chola & Rajaraja I family tree, Chola dynasty literature & Architecture Details…

Chola dynasty is one of the longest serving dynasties in Indian history who established their empire around Kaveri river or in southern parts of modern India. Chola dynasty established their rule in 3rd century BCE and ruled till 13th century CE in tranches. The whole rule span of chola emperors can be divided in three parts i.e Early cholas, Medieval Cholas & later Cholas. This great empire reached to its highest extent under the rule of Rajendra Chola I in 1030.

Early chola kings made Poompuhar, Urayur & Tiruvarur as their capital cities at the early period of their rule. Midieval Cholas made Pazhaiyaarai, Thanjavur, Gangaikonda & Cholapuram as their capital cities throughout their rule. Rajaraja & Rajendra Chola I remained the most successful rulers of this dynasty and under their rule, Chola dynasty reached to its zenith.

When this empire was at its highest extent, boundaries of this empire were stretched up to modern Sri Lanka, Maldives & Malaysia. Cholas remained with Chalukyas at hostile throughout their rule and this became the biggest reason for their decline. Here in this article, we will provide detailed information about Chola dynasty family tree, Chola dynasty family tree chart such that all of our readers can get comprehensive knowledge about this empire.

Early Cholas Family Tree:

Early Cholas are also known as founder members of this empire, established this empire in 3rd century but unable to make a powerful and stable empire. Here in this section, we are providing brief list of powerful rulers from Early Cholas.

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Medieval Cholas Family Tree:

Real Chola dynasty rule started from the rise of medieval cholas from 848 CE when Vijayalaya became the emperor of this great empire. Medieval Cholas ruled till 1070 CE and ruled over entire Southern India, present Maldives, Malaysia & Sri Lanka. Uttama, Rajaraja I, Rajendra I etc. were some well known rulers from this dynasty. Here in this section we will provide information about rulers from Medieval cholas and about their ruling periods.

Name of the Ruler Ruling Period
Vijayalaya 848-871
Aditya I 871-907
Parantaka I 907-950
Gandaraditya I 950-957
Arinjaya 956-957
Sundara 957-970
Aditya II 957-970
Uttama 970-985
Rajaraja I 985-1014
Rajendra I 1012-1044
Rajadhiraja 1044-1054
Rajendra II 1054-1063
Virarajendra 1063-1070
Athirajendra 1070-1070

Later Cholas Family Tree:

In 1070, Chola dynasty was at zenith and started declining later on. The ruling period from 1070 to 1279 is associated with later cholas. In this section we will provide information regarding later chola kings with their ruling period.

Name of the King Ruling Period
Kulothunga I 1070-1120
Vikrama 1118-1135
Kulothunga II 1133-1150
Rajaraja II 1146-1173
Rajadhiraja II 1166-1178
Kulothunga III 1178-1218
Rajaraja III 1216-1256
Rajendra III 1246-1279

After the rule of later cholas, chola empire started declining and divided into smaller territories.

Chola Dynasty Literature & Architecture:

Chola dynasty especially medieval cholas established a stable and stronger empire and contributed significantly for the development of Hinduism & Tamil language. Cholas built lots of temples of Lord Shiva at bank of Kaveri river. Shiva temple of Tanjavur & temple of Gangaikondacholapuram are living and wonderful examples of chola dynasty architecture. Brihadiswara temple & Airavatesvara temple made by chola kings are also declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage sites list.

We hope all this information about Chola dynasty family tree will be helpful for all our readers.

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