Rani Rashmoni Family Tree Kolkata’s Rani Rashmoni Family Chart

Read this article to know better about Rani Rashmoni Family Tree, Family Tree of Rani Rashmoni in detail. We will also discuss about Rani Rashmoni family members, Rani Rashmoni daughters, Rani Rashmoni family now & many other factsআমাদের সমস্ত পাঠকরা এই নিবন্ধের মাধ্যমে রানী রাশমণির পারিবারিক গাছ সম্পর্কে জানতে পারবেন।

Rani Rashmoni, a well known personality in West Bengal state who was famous for her benefactor & kind nature. Rani Rashmoni was born on 24th September, 1793 at Kona village of North 24 Parganas. She was the daughter of Sh. Harekrishna Das and Smt. Rampriya Devi. She got married in a very young age of 11 years with Rajachandra Das and blessed with four daughters. She got married in a very rich Zamindar family of Janbazar, Kolkata. After the death of her husband, she handled financial matters of the family and donated money for various tasks of mankind which will be discussed later in this article. She opposed British rule for their people and made recognition as “Lokmata Rani Rashmoni” for her tasks for the betterment of common people. To know better about Rani Rashmoni, firstly we will discuss about her family background, Rani Rashmoni family tree diagram.

Rani Rashmoni family tree

Postal Stamp released by GoI of Rani Rashmoni

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Rani Rashmoni Family Tree Diagram in Detail

As mentioned earlier, Rani Rashmoni was born to the family of Harekrishna Das & Rampriya Das. She got married to Rajachandra who belongs to a rich family of Janbazar. They got four daughters namely Padmamani, Kumari, Jagadamba & Karunamoyee. Later on, her daughter Karunamoyee got died after two years of her marriage with Mathurmohan Biswas. Rani Rashmoni allowed her 2nd daughter Jagadamba to got married with widower Mathurmohan. Rani Rashmoni consider Mathurmohan her son and involved him in family business activities. Here we are presenting famiy tree diagram of Rani Rashmoni to make it easy to understand for all our readers.


Rani Rashmoni family tree chart

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Rani Rashmoni Achievements:

Afther the death of her husband, all the business of Rajachandra family handled smartly by Rani Rashmoni. She did some fabulous work for common people which are described below.

Rani Rashmoni family tree diagram

  • She founded the famous Dakshineswar Temple which is dedicated to Devi Durga in West Bengal state and appointed Sh. Ramakrishna Paramhansa as the priest of the temple.
  • She also constructed a road from Subarnarekha to Puri for the pilgrims.
  • She also constructed various ghats including Babughat, Ahiritola ghat & Nimtala ghat for the regular bathers at Ganga river.
  • She also donated to Imperial liberary, also known as National Liberary of India.
  • She also funded Hindu College, also known as Presidency University now a days.
  • She also founded some of charity organisations which are also functional at present.

So, we can conclude that she was very kind and did fabulous efforts for Hinduism and for mankind. We hope this article will be beneficial for all of you who are looking for Rani Rashmoni family tree.

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